Nautical Museum of Crete

At the entrance of the port of Chania is situated the Fortress “FIRKA”, which was constructed by the Venetians (1204-1669), in order to establish the local guard and at the same time to use it as a prison for the persons condemned to death. Later on the Turks (1669- 1898) used it for the same purpose and established there the Division Command. The name “FIRKA”, which in the Turkish language means DIVISION, remained since then. Today, at the entrance of this Fortress is situated the Maritime Museum of Crete, which holds a concessive position since here, on December 1st 1913, the Greek flag has been hoisted, sealing the UNION OF CRETE with the motherland Greece. The museum is easily accessible by car and there is parking space available in the area. Also, one can combine a visit to the museum with a pleasant walk around the Venetian Harbor and the Old Town.

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